Recreational Buildings

Cook Development is not a manufacturer of air supported structures, we will act as your consultant or in a supervisory capacity of the installation of your air supported structure. To acquire air supported structures we recommend that you contact a manufacturer.

Click on this link for a list of manufacturers: Air Supported Structures Manufactures

Permanent "Window Clear" air structure roof over YMCA swimming pool. This material allows the images of the outdoors to be seen through the non-opaque surface.

High volume, low pressure air structure material is held in place with steel cables creating ribbed appearance. These structures are frequently used as covers over swimming pools extending the use of the pool for greater economic benefit.

Pool roof at the Portland, Oregon YMCA building using air structure technology.

Interior view of a lightweight structure used to cover a swimming pool for winter use.

Air structure roof over a pool mounted on an eight foot wall. This allows for greater utilization of the apron space on the sides of the pool and is meant as a permanent structure.

Temporary structure over summer use swimming pool that extends the period of use throughout the year.
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