Our projects are an asset to the community, the investor and the builder.

Cook Development Corporation provides consulting services to investors, non-profit community development corporations, housing advocates and public agencies relative to real estate and economic development. From the initial feasibility study to the ultimate construction management, Cook Development Corporation can assist you in transforming your ideas into reality. The following services are provided:

Feasibility Studies:
Preliminary and comprehensive market and economic studies to guide the investor in making informed decisions about what, where, when and how to build.

Financial Modeling:
When a development concept has been identified and its market feasibility investigated, proforma budgets can be modeled to detail its capital and ongoing operation's costs. "What if" scenarios are created to examine failure points and provide strategies for resolving problems.

Land Use Planning:
Land use and zoning applications from simple building applications to comprehensive plan amendments are prepared as required to obtain development entitlements. Cook Development Corporation has a complete team of consultants available for all types of development projects , including code enforcement professionals, wetlands managements and mitigation experts, traffic, civil and environmental engineers, landscape architects and economist.

Development Management:
Cook Development Corporation provides development management services on a fee contract basis. As a private enterprise, Cook Development Corporation is one of few developers providing development management services to the non-profit community without requiring equity in the project it manages. Services include: land acquisition, assembly of development team, creation of concept plans and performa budgets, arranging financing, construction bidding and construction management.

Construction Management:
Cook Development Corporation provides construction management services for non-profit and for-profit developers. Contracts Negotiate , full public bidding, fast track construction and design-build services are all available.

Community Development:
Cook Development provides our expertise in finance, politics, real estate development, construction management and community service available to cities, counties, states and other public and private non-profit agencies to further economic development opportunities. From a start up effort for a new non-profit to the ongoing management of these organizations, Our purpose is to assist communities in identifying and implementing plans of what they want to be as they grow and how they can get there.

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