Industrial and Temporary Warehouses

Cook Development is not a manufacturer of air supported structures, we will act as your consultant or in a supervisory capacity of the installation of your air supported structure. To acquire air supported structures we recommend that you contact a manufacturer.

Click on this link for a list of manufacturers: Air Supported Structures Manufactures

Setting inflation equipment in prepared site for air structure.
Installation of entry doors and inflated building to door framework. Because of the low pressure, high volume of air used to support the structure, doors can remain open indefinitely without structure deflating.
Completed "Killer Bee" air structure located in a partially cleared cornfield in Bakersfield, California used in the 1998 X-Files movie.
Part of the construction crew provided by the film company to erect and operate the air structure during filming of the X-Files movie.
Chris Carter, producer, director and film crew meet to review the evening's shoot.
100,000 watts of light inside the air structure cause's it to glow in preparation for the night filming.
Fully operational air structure showing entry doors of the Killer Bee hive in the X-Files movie.

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