Applewood Village

Applewood Village is a duplex-style housing community designed to fit into the neighborhood fabric of Hermiston. It will serve a growing, low to very low-income population resulting from the economic development policies implemented by the city and Umatilla County over the past eight years.

There are three basic building types: one-story cottage style two-bedroom units; one-story bungalow style three-bedroom units and large, two-story three-bedroom farm style homes.

The two-bedroom, one-story buildings will serve seniors while the three-bedroom, one and two-story buildings will be most beneficial to younger families. The two-story buildings are a unique design with a full covered front porch and a single entry door leading into a vestibule from where each individual unit is accessed.

The purpose of this design is to create a building that looks like a 2,600 SF single family home but functions as a duplex. It will be indistinguishable from the larger, single-family homes in the neighborhood. Incomes are targeted to 50% & 60% MFI for all categories of people.

The duplex subdivision development contains 16 lots of at least 9,000 SF each and one additional lot of at least 7,500 SF with the children's playground, office and community building on it. These large lots provide a low-density residential neighborhood feel by getting away from the multi-family appearance of traditional apartments.

The farm style two-story townhouses will look just like a new large single family home with their full covered front porches and single front doors. Once inside however, the resident will have his or her own entry to the unit.

This unique design further reinforces the single family image making the development feel like a neighbor rather than an intruder.

The senior housing units are located on the east end of the site on 12th Street, which is within walking distance of the Rose Arbor Assisted Living Facility directly adjacent and to the south of the property.

One cul-de-sac serves the balance of the lots with access off Linda Avenue. All the family units are located either on Linda or around the cul-de-sac. Because the City limit line is the north property line, the project will have very few neighbors for years to come. Everyone in the development can easily access the playground and community building.

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