4th Street Aspens

The 4th Street Aspens development consists of 48 units of workforce housing craftsman style construction. There will be a variety of building types: Single Family, Duplex, Fourplex, Sixplex, Eightplex.

Also additional featured construction will be a more tradition home construction consisting of one-story cottage style two-bedroom units; one-story bungalow style three-bedroom units and large, two-story three-bedroom farm style homes. The two-bedroom, one-story buildings will serve seniors while the three-bedroom, one and two-story buildings will be most beneficial to younger families.

Contact & Inquiries: Contact Person: Terry Cook
Email: tcook@cookdevelopment.com

The Aspens is suitable for:

  • Commercial and Professional Offices
  • Neighborhood and Service Retail
  • Bank
  • Hotel/Motel
  • Service Station
Click on image below to view progress picture gallery

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